In the traditional approach to dispute resolution, each party hires its own lawyer and the following procedure is usually time consuming and therefore quite expensive. Finally, the court verdict rules in favor of one of the parties, leaving the other(s) with nothing.

Mediation is already a well known instrument in family law practice (e.g. divorce or inheritance conflicts).

In case of conflicts between companies or between a company and the tax authorities, however, mediation is rarely used, even though it is a (much) cheaper alternative that may lead to a solution that is satisfactory to all parties involved.

Parties enter into mediation voluntarily and, under the guidance of the jointly appointed mediator, reach a private and binding settlement. The mediator ensures that the mediation runs smoothly and gives parties equal and adequate opportunity to vent their opinions and positions.

André van der Velde’s financial and fiscal expertise warrants an outcome that is in accordance with tax regulations and it prevents subsequent disappointment in the form of unexpected tax assessments or fines.

If you are interested to know if mediation could be a suitable alternative in a business conflict, please contact us.

André van der Velde is a member of the Dutch Tax Mediators’ Association (VFM)